Apple Device Enrollment Program

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Streamline the way you deploy and manage iOS devices.

TELUS is the first Canadian wireless provider to offer the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). The program gives you a fast, streamlined way to deploy corporate-owned iOS devices purchased from TELUS.TELUS Scarborough It simplifies initial device setup by automating enrollment in your existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. It also supervises devices during setup to ensure successful enrollment and frees your IT resources from physically having to open the device boxes and manually configure them.

Make MDM enrollment mandatory and gain greater control without physically touching the devices.

Setup Assistant makes it easy for users.

As your users activate their new devices, they are guided through the process by the built-in Setup Assistant. You can further streamline Setup Assistant by specifying what screens are skipped so users can start using their devices right out of the box.

Easily configure iOS devices

With DEP, you can mandate that all your corporate-owned configured iOS devices are automatically enrolled in your MDM solution. This will ensure that devices are configured according to your corporate requirements and guarantees that every user receives a device that is already pre-enrolled in your MDM. For additional management capability and control; you can also lock devices such that users cannot delete or uninstall the MDM application. As users activate their devices, you will be able to immediately configure account settings and apps wirelessly. There’s no need for staging services and no need for IT to physically touch devices to complete setup.

Easily set up restrictions on iOS devices. 

DEP also gives you control over native iOS features and settings, enabling you to mandate additional restrictions, including turning off i Message, Air Drop or Game Center. You can also add configurations such as web content filtering to restrict access to web pages that are deemed objectionable and single app mode which prevents interaction with other applications or functions on your device.

Discover the benefits of DEP today.

Learn how TELUS and the Apple Device Enrollment Program make it easier to buy and secure corporate-owned iOS devices

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