Protect and monitor your business remotely.

You can have 24/7 protection and monitoring when using TELUS Secure Business, powered by Canada’s award winning wireless network.

Maintain the security of your business
with real-time, 24/7 monitoring.

HD surveillance video that can be streamed live or recorded, from a remote location.

Use the TELUS app to easily manage locks, access, and thermostats.

TELUS limited time offer

Get up to 6 months of TELUS Secure Business on us

Get 6 free months of security and installation for $0 when you bundle with at least one other TELUS Business product or get 3 months of security and installation for $0 when you sign up without bundling.

Choose the right plan for your business.

Key Features

  • Manage and monitor the access to secure areas and any confidential information in order to maintain business security
  • Receive security alarms, intelligent alerts, and access streaming video – all from your smartphone
  • Easily manage and view multiple different business locations
  • Reduce the operating expenses by maintaining control of hydro usage during the peak and the off peak hours

Advanced security system

Use 24/7 HD surveillance video and security monitoring alerts to protect your business security.

Professional installation and support

The team of certified installation professional can help you to install your business security system to better protect your business.

Monitor and control from anywhere

Set up, monitor, and manage your cameras, locks, and security alarms with our mobile app – all from a remote location.

Save up to $1900

With TELUS Secure Business sign up for a term and bundle in order to save the equipment cost.

Bundle TELUS Business Security with internet or a TELUS Peace of Mind mobility plan, and save.

Take Control your security system when on the go

Protect your employees and business assets with the installation of a smart security system and security alarms that can be controlled from a laptop, or from an app on a tablet or smartphone.

Want any additional security devices?

Take a look at our other hardware options.

Use TELUS Secure Business to control, monitor, and protect your business 24/7. Get in contact with us immediately to help to secure your business.

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